CALA Southwest Chapter

2008 Annual Program

Chinese America Librarians Association –Southwest Chapter 2007-2008 Annual Report

CALA-SW Chapter Annual Program at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference

The Southwest Chapter started off the year busy planning for our annual program at the Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference. The 2008 TLA Annual Conference was held from April 15-18, in Dallas, Texas.

The program titled: Nuts and Bolts of Community College and Public Library Partnerships was well received. Two partnership programs: Jenna Welch/Laura Bush Community Library, Northwest Campus, El Paso Community College in El Paso, Texas, and Harris County Public Library/Lone Star College System in Houston, Texas, were presented.

The speakers discussed the purposes and the benefits of their partnerships. In addition, provided insightful information on their partnership programs; the speakers shared successful outcomes and rewarding experiences that the partnership brought to them and their patrons.

The four speakers for the program were:

Carol A. Brey-Casiano, Director of the El Paso Public Library System (past ALA- President),
Anna Hernandez, Youth Librarian, El Paso Public Library,
Mick Stafford, Library Director, Harris County Public Library, Loan Star College-Cy-Fair College Branch, and
Monica Wong, Head Librarian, Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Community Library at El Paso Community College, Northwest Campus (a CALA-SW chapter member).

We had 35 supportive attendants. All participants engaged and enjoyed a lively discussion with the speakers during the Question & Answer session.

CALA-SW chapter was very appreciative of the speakers' expertise and efforts that have contributed to our program. I also would like to acknowledge our chapter members, Kwei-Feng Hsu, Rosa Hsu, Klairon Tang, George Teoh, Hweifen Weng, Monica Wong and Cloris Yue, who had helped me in making the program a success.

Grace Gu, the incoming CALA-SW President has already started planning for next year's TLA program. The theme for 2009 TLA's annual conference is Creating Communities of Ideas and Innvoation, which will be held in Houston, Texas from March 31 – April 3. For the CALA-SW program, tentatively the topic will be Collections on the Lives and Histories of Asian Americans. We now worked on confirming with speakers and will register for the program at TLA's Assembly in early July. We are anticipating a larger audience next year for the CALA program because the conference will be held in Houston, which has a larger Asian population.

Social Activities in Houston Area

CALA-SW's social gathering has usually been a luncheon or dinner. Starting from my presidency in 2007, I initiated the different activities listed below, and they were well received by members and guests who attended the events:

Election for Vice President/President Elect 2008-2009

It is unfortunate that at the time of this report, the nomination committee consisting of, Hweifen Weng, George Teoh and Chloris Yue, was unable to find any one interested in being a nominee for the Vice President/President Elect (VP/PE) position. Therefore, no election was held.

Our officers for the 2008-2009 year will be:

President       Grace Gu
VP/PE        Vacant
Treasurer        Kwei-Feng Hsu, Director of Library Information and Technical Services Wharton Country Junior College, Wharton, Texas.

Our new president, Grace Gu, is currently taking a leave of absence from her work but she is committed to serving the Southwest Chapter. She has stated that she will return to the field of library profession in the very near future.

Although we were unable to fill the vacancy of the VP/PE position, we will continue our efforts to fill this position as we move on to the new fiscal year.

Member News

We are sad to report that in April 2008, one of our long time members, Helen Chang passed away. On behalf of CALA-SW, a floral basket was sent to her funeral and many members attended her memorial service.


Currently we have 29 members, nine of them are new members and 13 are life members. Of the 29 members 12 are in Houston area, 5 are in the State of Texas.

Membership issue

For many years, SW chapter has strived to promote the growth of membership in Houston Area but without success. Many come for the gathering to socialize but are not interested in joining. This year, we have expected that a large crowd of attendants would be drawn to our chapter gatherings that included two library tours and a short information session on recent library trends. The member's schedule conflict with the chapter gathering may result a low attendance. There are still some factors need to be assessed in order to solve this issue.

Lack of participation also effected the nomination of the VP/PE position. Many members declined the nomination for various reasons.

We are also concerned for the members outside of the Houston area. The majority of chapter activities are held in Texas or Houston area. It is not always convenient for members outside the Houston area to participate in functions that are held in Texas. We worried that SW chapter would not be able to better serve these long-distance members.

We are hoping that CALA board would enlighten us with ideas and options that would help us to solve the current issues and to reach out to more SW chapter members.

Respectfully submitted by
Siu Min Yu – President
Grace Gu – Vice President
Kwei-Feng Hsu -- Treasurer